Thursday, 26 December 2013

Groupshoot,a useful Photo Editing and Organising App.

Groupshoot,a useful Photo Editing and Organising App.

Some times we take a group shot but later we see that some member’s eyes are closed and others are looking in a different direction. This destroys the snap at all. The “Groupshoot” a software developed by Microsuft Research may prove helpful in such condition. It is a photo combining program developed for the purpose of solving the problems of individuals in group photographs that might be doing undesirable actions such as looking elsewhere, closing their eyes, having not smiling faces etc. To solve this problem multiple group photographs will be taken in each session. Multiple images taken from a session will be loaded into the application, and then the user can select the best parts from all of the different photos and  can merge them into one. The software was later removed by Microsoft research website and the project was officially closed. The Group Shot engine was eventually included in Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 4 under the name of Photo Fuse. 

In Adobe Photoshop 6.0 a similar feature is available under the name 'Photomerge Group Shot'. In Adobe Photoshop CS3's Photomerge the same functionality is available, as a separate feature and not packaged. Samsung Galaxy Camera  and the open-source application Huginalso have this. Macadamia Apps released a GroupShot mobile app in January 2012, which allows users to create a group image from multiple similar images, This app is available for download in the iTunes App Store. The app may be available on other platforms also.

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