Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bloating and stomach pain, is it ovarian cancer

Bloating and stomach pain, is it ovarian cancer- Since 2 months ago I've been having back pain on my left side and I have been getting abdominal and groin pains that shoot through my left leg. I get sharp pains right before.

1-Cancer Fear Psychosis

“An Empty Brain is Devil’s Workshop”. Most of boys & girls-adolescent age between 13-20 years, by virtue of fast hormonal changes, on the way to develop into full-fledged grown-ups, become victims of thinking paranoid/[mis]adventure & no work. Every visitor, notwithstanding age, should come out of "Cancer-Fear-Psychosis" by studying and discussing with others. None gets cancer overnight. Malignancy develops over years. Details follow---- 



Fear of Cancer--Please, note that none gets cancer overnight. It takes years to develop any cancer/tumor. The main problem with the most of "You" youngsters is that you people are either dynamic or genius or intelligent or shrewd and sharp intellectuals. The TV channels & Internet are instrumental to ‘YOU’ that it is a “fashion” to start worrying about ‘CANCER’ for each & every symptom. It is very bad & agonizing trend which is totally wrong. You people start worrying with half or no knowledge. How ever, Yahoo Answers blog is an "oasis" in the desert of confusion and worry & the blog became a “safe sanctuary” for the poor, middle class & the gullible patients all over the globe. People with carcinophobia or cancerophobia live with an irrational dread of developing cancer. Every bodily discomfort becomes a sign for them that they have a malignant growth somewhere inside. A headache, for instance, is a sign for them that they have a brain tumor. A cyst/an enlarged lymph node, for instance, is a sign for them that they have lymphoma cancer. A cyst/an abscess/menses linked pustule on breast/armpit is taken as breast cancer. All PMS symptoms may mimick breast cancer. symptoms. Mouth/gingivitis is taken as oral cancer. An infected tonsil/symptoms of tonsillitis-----is taken as Tonsil cancer. Just, severe pain from & below the knee joint is taken as osteo-sarcoma. Early graying is taken as skin cancer/leukemia.

Just, wheezing, chest pain and shortness of breath is taken as lung cancer, etc. Any rash/mole on the body is taken as /melanoma/skin cancer. A boil/cyst/pustule/abscess in any part of the body is apprehended as cancer. Pain in testicle[s]/ovary[ies] is perceived as testicular/ovarian cancer. Chronic constipation, indigestion, acidity, bloating, etc., are taken as colon/stomach/intestinal/rectal cancer, sensitive teeth/infected gums--- is taken as oral cancer; so on...............Cognitive therapy can help someone with carcinophobia regain control of their

 Nothing to fear for any disease be it bacterial, viral, auto-immune disorder, allergy. Hyper-sensitivity, cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc., —an offshoot of bad diet[s] & or genetic disorder[s]. IBS, irregular menses, brain & spinal cord affected disorders and also many other most dreaded diseases. Any cancer/dreaded disease is curable, if diagnosed early. Acupressure techniques ensure instant diagnosis of any cancer, subject to confirmation by US/MRI/CT/PET Scans and Biopsy after one year.

 2. Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

According to the statement, the following symptoms are much more likely to occur in women with ovarian cancer than in women in the general population:
Bloating Pelvic or abdominal pain Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)

3. Instant Diagnosis of any Disease and or the affected organ[s]

Even Cancer, HIV/AIDS or any Incurable Disease/Syndrome with the aid of acupressure maps.  Free & Instant Diagnosis of ANY Cancer right @ Ur Door-steps, with the aid of acupressure techniques. To start with, this free facility is made available exclusively for the poor and middle class with ‘no insurance cover’.
• The first beneficiaries are visitors of the most enlightened and philanthropic blog----‘Yahoo Answers”.
• Yahoo Answers blog is so popular that, when my grand children feel extremely happy, they shout ‘Yahoo, Yahoo’.Just like Shammi Kapoor used to shout in old Hindi film-“Janglee”. Dr.Vora designed the diagnostic procedures, with the aid of acupressure techniques, so simple that even the poorest of the poor in remote villages/hamlets, all the youngsters [the future of this mother “EARTH”] with little knowledge & serious efforts, can know instantaneously @ no costs all over the globe.

 “The language is very simple to understand. No confusion at all. U may study the details, discuss with Ur family members and friends and understand the concept of ‘Acupressure’ and confirm for Urself, if U or anybody else has cancer/hiv and the affected organs. “Any Cancer, lupus, HIV/AIDS, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, etc., —

 Common Symptoms:

Sudden loss of weight/stamina, anemia, unbearable pains in any organ despite medication, neuralgia, FATIGUE-getting extremely tired for a little or no work, loss of appetite, unhealed wound in any part of the body for years together, chronic constipation, chronic hemorrhages, hemoptysis, etc. Cancer may affect from any organ to any organ[s]/system[s]. Point Nos.1-10 -----1 [brain], 2 [Mental Nerves], 3 [Pituitarygland], 4 [Pineal gland], 5 [Head Nerves], 6 [Throat], 7 [Neck], 8 [Thyroid & Parathyroid], 9 [Spine], 10 [piles-constipation], , Point Nos.11-16, No.11 [Prostate gland], 12 [Penis], 13 [Vagina], 14. Testes & Ovaries], 15 [Uterus], 16 [Lymph], 17 [Hip], 18 [Urinary Bladder], 19 [intestines], 21 [appendix-front side], and 21 [allergy-back side]; 22[gall bladder], 23 [liver], 24[Shoulder], 25[Pancreas], 26[kidney], 27[Stomach], 28[Adrena gland], 29[Solar Plexus-Nabhi Chakra-Umbelicus], 30[Lungs], 31[Ear], 32[Energy], 33[Nerves of ear], 34[Cold], 35[Eye], 36[Heart], 37 [spleen]. 38[Thymus].


With the help of Acupressure maps published herein, hard press these points with Ur thumb and middle finger and find out if all/most of acu points are tender. If all these or most of these points are very painful on thumb pressure, it means one has cancer/HIV/dreaded disease[s]. If point no. 27 [stomach] along with point no.8, 16, then stomach cancer/ulcer, etc., Point Nos.8, 11,14[testes/ovaries], 15,16, 37—Testicular/Ovarian cancer.Note—In every cancer, 8 [thyroid], 16 [lymph] are tender as a precondition. Prevention & Cure: Remote control Acupressure points given by the God. For Treatment and perceivable relief , hard-pressure is to be applied on & around these points with Ur thumb and middle finger. Palms/soles: Acupressure Maps could not be published here for want of soft ware support from Yahoo Answers. If published through FB the entire answer is allegedfly treated as Serious Violations and penalties are imposed. Dorsal side of Palms & soles:

In the middle of dorsal side of Ur palm, the remote control point for the breast is given. On hard pressing by Ur thumb and middle finger, if it hurts, U may feel that U/she have/has breast cancer. If U press the surrounding area on both palms regularly three times a day and then breast cancer shall not grow further. Acupressure & Indian Natural Remedies can cure breast cancer safely & totally.

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